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Friday, November 7, 2008

Whew, What a Week!

This has felt like one crazy week!!! I think it's mainly because the schedule seems to have been full and we've been doing the babysitter shuffle. :) The stomach bug has been going around at the sitter's house this week and we just didn't want to bring that home!!! Thankfully, Tre's folks live fairly close, so Iz has gotten in lots of time w/ GaGa and Poppy this week. She's run a low grade fever off and on since Wed. We're thinking she's cutting her eye teeth, but it's made for a whiny girl at times. Throw in dinner w/ our supper club election night, an OB appt., a Make A Wish board meeting, work, and all the normal stuff and it's worn me out!!!

We did learn that, barring any surprises, Mr. Chip will make his arrival into our arms early on Wed., January 14th!! Can you believe that is less than 10 weeks away???? If you could see my belly right now, you might be surprised it's not sooner!!! :) There is so much to get done before he arrives --- I don't even have anywhere to put his clothes yet! Thanks to some friends who've had little boys recently, he's got clothes to wear, so if I can just find a place to keep them we'll be good to go. There are lots of little projects around the house I'd like to tackle too... It's hard to believe there is about to be a new little one around here, and a BOY at that. We can't wait to meet him!


Brenda said...

Post a belly shot!

Pam D said...

Love, love, love the whole boy thing! I am, even as I type, sitting here with a baby squirrel in my pocket! And we have a new venus flytrap plant upstairs that is trying to digest a spider or two. Oh, I love my boy! And Jenny, I bet you look absolutely beautiful (well, even more beautiful than you already were!).
hugs and prayers...

Anonymous said...

ok i want to see a belly shot!!!! how are you feeling? boys are so much fun you are going to love having a son

Anonymous said...

Yes....let us see that belly!!! I have 3 boys, ages 12,11, and 8 and a baby girl, 15 months so I know how you feel being excited about frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. Boys are a momma's heart, as that is how my boys are with me, but this girl is something special too! Pink, pink, and more pink for me and blue, blue, blue for you! Congrats Jen, Tre' and Izzy girl! Mr Chip will be here before you know it!!! Hugs!!!