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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Pics 2009

His tongue totally cracks me up in this picture!

You can look at her eyes in this one and tell she's been sick.

Iz wasn't very excited about taking pictures.

Big fun w/ the grass from the Easter basket!


Amanda: said...

Jenny, those are SUCH great pics! I cannot believe how huge Iz and Chip are getting! And Chip's tongue sticking out in the first one is PRICELESS!!

Tammy said...

Hi Jenny! Great family pictures on Easter! That Chip is growing like a weed, and Iz reminds me so much of Catie......precious! Hugs from Fort Worth!

Mamasita said...

Be - a - utiful pictures!!!! Keep them coming!!

ELaw said...

You are so right that Chip looks like Catie. I think he looks a lot like Tre too. The family looks beautiful hon. Hope things are going well with everyone!

Ashley H. said...

Just precious! I've got 4 kids (newbie Duke is 9 weeks old), so I've given up on trying to get any sort of good picture with EVERYONE in it. Instead I just have to clone, crop, paste and fix to make it look like one happy photo/