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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pictures of Chip (and One of Izzy)


Circus Mama said...

Holy Cow does he look like Catie in some of those photos!!

What a great shot of Iz sleeping too. Elise sleeps the same way - with total abandon. =)

Love ya girl!

Martha from NC said...

Yep, you can tell he's Catie's little brother. He's adorable!! The picture of Izzy sleeping is too cute. She really gets comfortable, I'd say. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. They brighten my day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of your precious babies!

Anonymous said...

Sorry the last comment was from me, Tracy Neal. Hugs from Lawrenceville, GA.

jandkland said...

He's so handsome! I can see his parents in him, and his sisters too. But he's definitely his own little man. What a sweetie!

And that picture of Izzy is hilarious! I love Circus Mama's comment about kids sleeping "with total abandon." I don't think I ever sleep like that. I wish I did!


Anonymous said...

LOL! The satin pillow works...if your head is actually on it!

Such adorable pictures of Chip and Izzy!

Anne in GA