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Monday, March 9, 2009

Pics of Izzy -- Some of Chip to Come :)

This first one just makes me laugh. I was trying to get a good pic of the 2 of them lying together, but Izzy was in a wiggly mood. But check out her hair. If she stood up it wouldn't move in the back. It defies gravity when she gets up in the morning. We DO brush it, this was just first thing in the AM.

Ready for gymnastics!

My country girl!


Pam D said...

That second picture up, at the sand table? All Catie.. oh, how sweet! I love your outdoor girl... and the fact that you let her be one!

Anonymous said...

Your stories of Izzy crack me up! I'm sure that there are some brewing for Chip very soon!

I wanted to share some favorite parenting books of mine by Rudolf Dreikurs..."Children the Challenge" and "Discipline without Tears." Parents I have shared these with have found them positive, enlightening and helpful.

Well, almost all of the parents! My sister hates to read and called me once from the bathroom in which she had locked herself as her 3 year old daughter was tantruming outside the door. "What chapter addresses persistence?" is what she tersely asked me!!! I told her that there were no Cliff Notes for these books and that she would have to read for herself! It's a favorite story of ours and a not so favorite story of her now grown (and pregnant with her first child) daughter!

Hang in there Jenny...children are a challenge which is small potatoes to the joy they give us!

Robin in Suwanee

Mamasita said...

Miss Iz seems like so much fun! She reminds me of my youngest. I used to apologize to her teachers when she was little about her "creative thinking" and her high energy. They told me that with kids like that, they felt like they got to really know the child and to develop a relationship with them. The ones that always sat quietly are the ones that the teachers felt they were not as close to.

It looks like your Iz will be one of those that the teachers will love. Just like they do my quiet, introverted, non-social children. (HA!)

Keep the pics coming - they are wonderful. Enjoy the fun that is Iz!