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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Odds and Ends

Whew! Going back to work while you still have a baby eating every three hours on the dot can wear a mom and dad out!!! I'm still nursing him a lot, so the nights are mostly mine until 4 or so and Tre' takes over. :) He sleeps pretty well between feedings, but interrupted sleep catches up w/ me after a while, esp. when we have to be up and moving by 5:45 or so. We're supplementing w/ formula twice a day, so tonight, I'm going to try a formula bottle around 11 PM to see if that gives him a longer stretch for the first part of the night. We shall see.

Anne from GA, I had to laugh when I read your comment about the satin pillow working great if you actually sleep ON it!! :) I can usually tell how restless Iz's night has been by the status of her hair in the morning. She is all over the place in bed. But, the satin pillowcase is FANTASTIC when she stays on the pillow!! Thank you to whoever made that suggestion. :) Maybe I just need to get a whole satin sheet set for her!!

Thanks also to Lisa who suggested the book The Spirited Child. I've already purchased it and it's companion workbook. I'm only just starting it, but it's made me laugh out loud several times b/c I feel like the author has been sitting in my living room! Even though I haven't read much, I already feel like I'm gleaning a lot from it. It's given me a different perspective and I love the positive focus it gives to spirited kids! Izzy has so, so many wonderful characteristics and has a heart the size of Texas -- we've just got to help her learn to channel that energy and persistence and determination in the right direction. She's currently outside w/ Tre' blowing off some steam. It's gorgeous outside and outside time is great for her sanity and mine!! :) She has done really well w/ Chip and really hasn't seemed too jealous, but today as I was getting Chip's kisses, she asked for me to get hers... and kept wanting me to do it. I kiss her all the time (it's kind of a game at our house), but it was a reminder for me of how much her world has changed in the last 2 months. It's tough to go from being the only kiddo under the roof to having to share the spotlight w/ a little 2 foot being who needs lots of attention. She's done well though, and I love how much she loves her brother.

After we shared about Izzy's MRI, a couple of folks had asked if we're going to have Chip scanned. We will scan them both once a year until they're 5 -- that's the plan for now. An ultrasound through Chip's fontanel shortly after birth showed a wonderfully, beautiful, normal brain!!! :)

I hope you'll continue to check on and pray for the Morgan ( Ryan and Missy ), Maxey (Annette), and Escoe (Blaine) families. These families are dear to us and they are each walking their own unimaginably difficult journeys. Missy Morgan and her son, Ryan, are both battling relapsed cancer. Annette Maxey is facing a nasty brain tumor and the treatment is tougher than anyone should have to face, much less a 4 month old. Her parents lost their first daughter, Maddy, to undifferentiated sarcoma... please pray for them. We met the Escoes when our daughters went through some of their treatment together. Kendrie is doing great, but her dad, Blaine, is facing another relapse of his cancer. I know they all welcome any prayers and encouragement you can give them. Cancer is hard, but all of these families are facing/have faced it w/ 2 members of their immediate family. It's really just so unfair!

I hope to get some pics up from St. Patrick's Day soon. Would you believe (shame on me!) that I didn't get a single picture of Chip?!?!?!?!?!?! I know we have at least a couple from family member's cameras though. There were 5 kiddos 3 and under all celebrating together and we've got the pictures to prove it. I haven't seen them yet, but I've heard they're pretty funny. :) Izzy loved the parade and kept saying "more music, more music." It was a good and green day!

I'm gonna nuzzle this sweet baby boy for a few minutes more and then round up Tre' and Iz for some chow before we hit bathtime and bedtime. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and that you have a great week!


Michelle said...

Hey there! i was so glad to read that you got Izzy scanned recently! I dont feel like such a paranoid mom, now! :) We lost our Katie to medullo in July 2006, when our son was 6 months old ... and tomorrow we're taking him for his first scan. Scary stuff, huh! Thanks for sharing ... and helping another angel's mom feel a little more normal! Blessings to you and your family!

Claire said...

Thank you! Hope you have a great week too!