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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1st Days, Adjustments, and Grieving with Hope

So today was the day... the first day of school. There were definitely thoughts of Catie and what she would have thought of kindergarten, how her day would have been, who her classmates would have been. I'm happy to say we survived the day. My meltdowns always seem to come ahead of whatever I'm dreading, and I managed to take care of it yesterday instead of this morning. Definitely a good things considering I had to do school stuff at school today!! I confess to tearing up a bit as I watched little ones reuniting w/ their mommas at the end of the day... All in all though, I think we managed well. Boy we still miss her like mad though!!

Anticipating what would have been her 1st day at school has had her on the brain even more than usual. Catie stories have filled my head. I rarely call Izzy Catie these days, but it has happened at least 3 times in the last week. She has been very present in my mind for sure.

Izzy has done a great job transitioning into going to the sitter's house! She is such a social bug and loves, loves, loves playing with the other kids who are there. She is cheerful when I drop her off and cheerful when I pick her up. We are so grateful for Mrs. Amber and for the fact that Izzy is so comfortable there. She is a tired puppy at the end of the day, but I have no doubt that's because of our early morning wake up call! It's ENTIRELY too early for this momma!! We're adjusting though... which includes trying to tame the night owl in me. :)

I'm sure many of you have heard about the tragic loss that Steven Curtis Chapman's family experienced in May. This morning, Good Morning America aired an interview with their family that is very moving. Click here to view the interview. I could identify with so much of what they said. At one point they talk about being a family of faith, but also being a family with a lot of questions. And then SCC says something to the effect of, "But that's what faith is.... it's having faith through the questions." Powerful stuff.

One last note... Please pray for our friend Tyler Copley and his family. He has battled far more and far harder than anyone should have to. His time is short. He and his mom were always good about coming by to visit us when we were inpatient... Our thoughts and prayers are with them now. We pray his journey is easy, his suffering short, and we know his joy will soon be complete.


Talley Images said...

I read the news about Tyler and will pray for them...

Im so glad that school has held good memories for you and pray that the hard ones come easily, I cant imagine what its like, but I know it must be a good type of therapy to go through it at school.... that is what I am hoping for you anyway

So glad that Izzy is such a social one and finding joy in all her days... I know she brings you such joy!

I hope you have a good rest of the week... :)

(my confirmation code is "luvdvde" which looks like "love dude" - thought that was cool, and as a young lady would have probably been something Catie would have said)

The Running Girl said...

Wow, school starts early there. My kids don't go back until August 26th. Glad you had a good first day and were able to get through it all.

I read about Tyler on Kristie's blog. It's just not right.

Pam Doughty said...

Catie has another buddy in Heaven.. you know Tyler will keep her giggling til you get there.
I'm keeping you in my prayers, Jenny; I know that every day will bring moments that make you think of Catie and miss her. I pray that God will give you comfort in each of those moments, as only He can. hugs....

BP said...

You've been on my heart lately and I wondered when your first day would be. I'm glad you made it through that day.

I hope you have fun teaching!

Martha from NC said...

Thinking of you, especially on "school days". I'm sure Catie is happy that you're teaching in "her" room. Glad Izzy is adjusting to her new place. There are a lot of lucky children to have you for a teacher. Hope you're feeling well and taking good care of Catie and Izzy's baby brother/sister. You remain in my prayers. Take good care and know that you are loved.

Ginger in Newnan said...

Such sad news for Tyler's family. We lost our Jason to Ewing's 7 years ago last Saturday. It gets easier to cope each day as we are more and more familiar with the feelings, but NEVER "easy" and he's still never out of my thoughts.

Randomly, after following Catie's story for a long time (we're friends of Coulter's parents), I found out last week that Liz Carroll who our family has known for years is also related to you. What a small world!

Completely unrelated, but I'm hoping you'll help out with a request for prayers. One of my dearest friends and co-workers is now spending all of her days and nights at Egleston with her 11 year old daughter in the PICU. A very sudden illness turned out to be a virus attacking her heart. After going into cardiac arrest several times and resuscitated, Quinn was put on ECMO and a vent. She's back off ECMO now after the dangers started to outweigh the benefits, and they are trying to wean her off the vent. Today's MRI showed some brain damage, and blood clots in her carotid artery. They are beside themselves, and asking everyone they know for prayers.

You have a lot of readers, so consider this a shameless plug to you, your family and friends and your vast and varied audience. Please pray for Quinn's healing and her parents' strength. Her carepage is at

Candy Belanger - Audrey's Umbrella said...

I keep a picture of Catie taped to my computer desk (the one of her hugging the tree) so she's on my mind every time I look at her smiling face. I can't imagine how difficult each of these "missed milestones" is for you and Tre'. (((Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Just stopping by to say hello and hope all is going well!!! Hugs from Lawrenceville, GA.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you and the family Jenny! hugs from Lawrenceville GA. Tracy