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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Izzy B

Sometimes I write here because it's helps to write down my thoughts. Sometimes I write because it's a place to record things that are going on so I don't forget them before we grow old.

Izzy is growing so quickly. I know it seems like I write that all the time, but I continue to be amazed at this age. I had forgotten what little sponges they are. She is so on the move -- constant motion. She's getting so tall - I looked at her lying in her crib yesterday and couldn't believe how much of it she fills up. She continues to LOVE being outside. She loves the sandbox, the sprinkler, bugs, dirt, little pieces of pine straw or leaves or rocks. She likes flowers and is so cute when she smells them. She loves to play with Joey and he is so good with her.

Iz had become a nap fighter -- she can flat wear me out trying to get her down for nap, even if she is completely exhausted. She is very determined and knows what she wants. The fine line of taming the will without breaking the spirit is the line we're walking around here these days. She has such a strong spirit and I love that... it's just those tantrums when things don't go her way that I don't like so much. I feel like this age is so critical for later years... Kids learn about boundaries and if you stick to what you say... If you draw a line in the sand and they stick their big toe over it will the same thing happen every time? I pray that we have wisdom in our parenting and that God continues to mold us into just the parents that Izzy needs.

Izzy is quite the social butterfly. I meet very few strangers when we're out and about these days. She could so be the wal-mart greeter these days. She waves to everyone and thinks they're all supposed to say, "hello" and speak to her. It really is quite an adventure to run to the grocery store some days. I love that she is so outgoing and friendly... might have to do a bit of learning about stranger danger though! :)

One of my favorite nights this week was when Izzy discovered on of Catie's Christmas presents from her last Christmas. You need a little background here... Catie and her daddy used to have "wars" w/ the bumpers off of the fireplace (you know, the rubbery things that you put on so kids don't split their head wide open if they bump their head on it)... They would each get one and go at it, both of them laughing hysterically the whole time. This was one of those times that Catie's laugh just came from her belly and just bubbled up out of her... I can still hear her now and see her face... Well, for Christmas, Santa brought them 2 fake, foamy/rubber swords... This what Izzy discovered Thursday night. She didn't know what they were for, but never fear... Daddy taught her. She laughed -- from her belly too -- when Tre' would poke her in the ribs with it. Then she wanted him to do it more and more... so sweet... It wasn't long before she figured out she could get him with it. The swords are almost as tall as she is, and she hasn't developed much finesse with them yet, but it was so good to see she and Tre's duking it out... When she learns something new that Catie loved, it helps... it brings another layer back to our life. It doesn't make the loss or the hurt go away, but it sure fills us up some more. So thankful for a laughing girl (and a laughing daddy) and 2 rubber swords...


Stephanie said...

Jenny- I can picture Izzy and Tre' playing with the swords. What a bright light in the dark cloud of grief. Bittersweet moments!

Anonymous said...

Jenny- I love those kinds of laughs, Tre' better watch out before you know it she will be wacking him hard lol, it was so glad to talk to you today. Thanks for the info. I know you thought i was crazy at 1st its ok i would think so too hehe have a good day and i will keep you updated

aholman said...

Hey Jenny - it's Joshua's mom, Amanda here. I check this blog regularly to see how you are doing, but have never commented before. Now seemed like a good time. How bittersweet it must be for you, but wow... you and your family are incredible. Thinking of you!!

John & Kelley said...

I love the image of Tre' and Izzy fighting with foam swords! I've seen those at the toy store and thought about buying them. I'm so glad you both can renew activities you used to enjoy with Catie and share them with Izzy. It's good to read your posts again! I'm glad Lauren's Run went well and would love to hear about the picnic afterward. I know you are feeling Catie's absence intensely. There's a song by Nouveaux that has the words "Somehow inside I feel the presence of your absence." Maybe that's what it's like--an absence so intense that it's like a presence. I pray that Catie will continue to touch your life in ways big and small and that the memories, though they may cause tears, will also cause great joy and pride in your daughter.


Jamie said...

Hi Jenny,
I love reading your blogs and hearing what is happening in your life. You inspired me to start my own blog. I thought it might be a little therapy for all the infertility. It's at
I would love to hang out soon!