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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Izzy's Dedication

We had Izzy's Baby Dedication this weekend. We decided several months ago that we wanted to do it at the beach, so on Saturday that's where we headed. It was a beautiful day. A little on the chilly side w/ a bit of a brisk wind, but it was gorgeous. We were on the south end of Tybee and it was low tide... a favorite time at the beach for our family. I can't tell you how many hermit crabs we've chased and sting rays we've watched with Catie at that time of day at Tybee... I can't wait till next summer to start sharing all those wonders with Izzy.

Bro. Larry read a portion of Psalm 139 (one of my favorite passages) and I read a book called You Are My I Love You. Tre' and I committed to raising her in a loving home and helping her come to know and love God. Bro. Larry presented her with a letter to be opened on her 12th birthday.... 12th birthday... that just sounds so amazing to me... to think of her getting to live to be 12. I know that sounds crazy, but we know nothing is guaranteed for any of us... Not that we expect anything to happen to Izzy... I had just never let myself think that far ahead... So now, we have a letter for Izzy to open when, God willing, she turns 12...

Izzy was so sweet and cute and just waved to everyone standing in the gazebo looking out over the ocean with us. She is quite the social butterfly!! She just waved and grinned and grinned and waved... and blew raspberries during the prayer. That's our girl! :)

She is so curious about words right now... she's saying dog, baby, book, and papi now. She doesn't pronounce them perfectly (leaves g off of dog or k of of book), but she says them intentionally when she sees them. I took her papi out of her mouth this morning and she looked at me and said, "pap. pap. papi." She LOVES books and is continuing to keep us on our toes. We're loving it!

Below are some pics from Sat.

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Izzy and Daddy

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Izzy and Momma

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the 3 of us with Bro. Larry

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the 3 of us

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snuggling w/ Uncle Chad (she was so funny and just kept rubbing her face against his)


Kristin in Mobile said...

I'm so glad you had a beautiful weekend & dedication ceremony! We were in Ft Walton Beach last weekend, and I thought of you guys, knowing how much you love the beach! I can't believe how much Izzy is starting to talk - Emme is still just babbling - no "real" words yet!! I'll bet Izzy has Catie whispering in her ear, helping her out with all of these new words!! Have a great week!

Erin (in WI) said...

Hey you! I love that you did this at the beach. I always wanted to do that, but of course we moved just two months b/f JD was born so... it was out of the question! What a neat thing that Izzy has a letter to open when she turns 12. It is hard for any of us to imagine our little bitties being that old! God willing she'll HAVE kids that are 12 someday! :) (Lets shoot for the stars!)
Love you lots!
BTW - thanks for the instructions on how to post a comment. I have wanted to many times but didn't know how without a google account!

Nikki said...

Jen, I love the sweater ;). I missed being there.

Kyle Gundel said...

Izzy is so cute!! So glad I can sign in now! I've been wanting to write so many times and didn't know how to! :) Thanks!!

Leeann said...

Hi Jenny,

I loved seeing the photos of Izzy's dedication. They are beautiful.


Stephanie Deal said...

Beautiful Pictures

Stephanie Deal said...

Beautiful Pictures! Can't wait to see you Thursday Night!

Dianna in Louisiana said...

What a blessing to read about Izzie's Dedication. She's just adorable.

Anonymous said...

hello Jenny,
I adore the pictures of Izzy and you both, they are lovely and she's just the cutest little one! I love the picture of her with her uncle Chad too, it is gorgeous of the pair of them! The ceremony at the beach sounded nice too.
Though I don't have an account, I'm pretty sure I wrote to you before but I have a terrible memory at the moment!
I'm writing from the centre of France anyway, just so you know! I have been following your story with Catie for a couple of years now I think, I was so sad for your family that Catie couldn't stay but I'm sure she is happy and at peace now. It is marvellous how Izzy came just at the right moment to bring joy to your hearts again, just when you needed her. She's so sweet. I loved the story about her picking the leaf from your plant and the way she blows raspberries, what an incredibly clever little one she is! Maybe she has some help, her angel sister putting her up to tricks for fun!
You take care,
Love Angela