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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow, It's Been a While!

I cannot believe it's been so long since I've written here! Blame it partly on FaceBook and partly on a really busy summer!

We have had an absolutely AMAZING summer!! The beach, the lake, the beach, the local waterpark... lazy days, busy days... Cousins' Camp, the sprinkler, Bible School. It's just been great! I love the laidback feeling and the later nights w/ kiddos. The no rush to bed and the hang in your pjs after you wake up. We have lots of pics and I'l try to get some up soon. I plan to be better about writing here, b/c I really want to record all the stuff Izzy and Chip are up to, so that I remember it and that they get to hear about.

So... that's it for now. Summer's done and the "real world" has arrived. We've got to be up and at em early in the morning. But... here's to more consistent writing!!


Mom2Toribug said...

Combine the blog and facebook together. That is what I do. My blogs show up on my facebook page. Really neat. People can comment on them too.

Sandy P said...

I had to commit to blogging every day for a week. I had gotten really bad! Monday Carson starts Kindergarten, so we are back to the real world, too.

Anonymous said...

By coincedence, I saw your comment on Sphor's glad you found them. I have been wanting to link your website for them, knowing that you have walked the painful path before them. But I didn't want to "butt in" nor did I want to offer your glad it worked out. You of all people know the swell of mixed emotions they must be feeling. Glad you are enjoying the summer with your family.
Fondly, Meg...CT

Jennifer of Woodstock, GA said...

Jenny, I met some of your friends this past weekend at the Remember the Rainbows/Cure retreat at Stone Mountain. I have followed your blog/caringbridge site for a long time. They (Lisa and Kristen) had some really nice things to say about you! It was a fun time. I love reading your blog. Your writing style is so fun to read. Your kids are beautiful! Have a great school year!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just watched your video with 11Alive. It was awesome. I bought one of Catie's elves this year for the 2 girls next door. The are having a blast with it. I plan on buying one for my son next year when he's more into Christmas! I hope your kids are doing well and I wish your family a Merry Christmas. Please tell your girl D.D. to call me or email me. We have lost touch since Todd left RPS. Take care.

Chari Warner
Alpharetta, GA