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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some Smiles from the Last 2 Weeks

Sooo... There have officially been 4 in our house for 2 weeks now. We're loving it and it's so much fun watching Izzy with Chip. I know there will be plenty of sibling arguments in the years to come, but she already loves her little brother. She looks for him first thing every morning and will not go down at night w/o a kiss and some love for him. She has been very patient, for the most part, w/ all the time-consuming things that come w/ new babies. She's taken great interest in her babies and practices diaper changing and feeding them regularly. She wants to help w/ all we do w/ Chip too -- this is particularly interesting when I'm nursing. I pretty much end up w/ 2 kiddos in my lap. :) So long as she doesn't squish him, we're good to go.

The best laugh of our time together since Chip has been here had to take place last week. I was changing Chip and Iz was squooched right up against me "helping." He let go some gas that had more to it than just air and lo and behold, he had POOPED on Izzy's hand. She looked at me w/ this completely astounded look and I just died laughing. After about 2 seconds, she too was rolling. Oh my goodness, how we laughed. She has thoroughly enjoyed telling everyone that Chip pooped on her hand. Must admit he missed me that time, but my goodness, little boys pee a lot more often than little girls when de-diapered and it goes a heck of a lot farther!!!!!

Unbelievable -- I got all of this typed and both kids are still snoozing!!! We're going to master juggling 2 after all. Famous last words..... :)


Amanda: said...

Hahahaha! That made me burst out laughing - I can only imagine what went through that poor girl's head!

And yes - boys have much better "aim" when their diapers are off :)

Mandi Gunn said...

That is hilarious!! If only you had captured Izzy's face when that happened!

I'm glad that you all are learning how to juggle the craziness!!

Pam D said...

Have you seen the new Huggies ad, where the adorable little baby boy shoots a MAJOR stream all over the room while the dad frantically tries to figure it out? Priceless.. and it brings back some pretty funny memories, too! :<) So glad that you're finding your rhythm!

The Foster Home said...

Yes, boys can go for the distance that's for sure.

Your story is just too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Chip! He's adorable. I hope that everyone is doing well.

Chari Warner
Alpharetta, GA

jandkland said...

I love it that you're getting to experience a boy! It sounds like fun. (; The story about Izzy is priceless. It's so good to hear that you're adjusting well and having lots of laughs.


Anonymous said...

That IS a good laugh! Bless her heart, but I've felt her pain! The bad part is when you don't even realize it until hours later when you see some "mustardy goodness" on your sleeve! Yuck! Here's my best advice for diapering boys - have the clean diaper all laid out and unfolded ready to put on. You take the old one off and slide the new one on in one fell swoop. Or, if it is going to require a bit more wiping, keep a burp cloth or washrag handy that you can cover the "hose" with. Good luck! And he is as handsome as ever!


Pam D said...

I had a playgroup friend who actually diapered her son while he was on her tummy. I started using the technique and it did help a LOT, but I can't tell you now how to do it. Bet if you Google it you'll find info, though. The friend took her son to a pediatrician in Alpharetta who was over 100 years old and still practicing (in 2000). She was old-fashioned, but my friend's son thrived on the care she gave him!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful new addition to an already beautiful family. You amaze me with your faith and strength. We continue to pray for your family daily.

Myra Elder
Ball Ground GA

JulieBelle said...

Girl! I could have warned you on the boy shooting- my oldest was the worst. The trick is to have the new one ready to cover. And yes, mine have done the stream like the commercial!

lynne said...

So happy for you all. God bless your family.