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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Izzy Tornado

Moonpie may be her official nickname, but here recently, she is quite commonly (and lovingly) referred to as Little Izzy Tornado. If you could watch her blast into a fairly orderly room, you would understand why!!! She is SO busy and SO into everything. She has one speed and it is NOT slow! This morning I was getting some things out of the pantry and in 60 seconds flat she had found bubbles on a shelf (that I thought she couldn't reach), opened it and dumped them out. As I went to grab a towel (leaving the pantry door open like the oh-so-smart person that I am) she found a package of instant oatmeal, ripped it open, and dumped it on the floor!!! In 60 SECONDS FLAT! Oh, how she keeps us on our toes!!

But, oh, how she makes us smile. She has really learned the power of using words and is usually really good about letting us know what she wants. Now we still get the "uh, uh, uh" when she wants something. But a look from one of us and she will usually find a word to tell us what she wants. USUALLY... not always! :) Today in the car, we were just leaving the house. She loves music and one of the songs she loves is on a mix CD that I have. She started signing and saying, "more, more" from the backseat. I looked over my shoulder and asked her, "more what?" She started going "na na na na" which for her means the "na na" song. She loves (and so do I) the song "Sheltering Tree" by Newsong. So I put on the "na na" song and sure enough she was trying to sing along on the "na na" parts. She's starting to really enjoy playing with her babies and at one point today I looked over at her and she was bent over her baby just talking to her. Her favorite game is playing chase around the house with her daddy. She loves for him to scare her and she just laughs and laughs when he does. It is too funny to watch them running around the island that separates our kitchen and great room!! I love watching her grow and learn and interact more and more with the world around us. She really does keep us smiling and laughing.

Thanks for all the well-wishes for this new little one headed our way. We are eager to meet him/her (and won't know if it's a him/her till he/she arrives)! I confess to wanting to sleep ALL the time and dealing with the oh so fun morning sickness (though it's never just in the morning, is it?).... That's ok though, I know it means my body is doing what it should be (though I will be glad when I'm not feeling quite so icky. :)


Pam Doughty said...

OK.. so I'm not familiar with the song you listed, but "Sheltering Tree" by Newsong is probably my very, very all time favorite song in the whole world (closely followed by "I Can Only Imagine", and Chris Sligh's new release, "Empty Me"). Here are the lyrics to Sheltering Tree... is this the one that is the "na na" song?

It's been said a friend is like a mighty sheltering tree
A place of refuge we can run when trouble comes for you and me
Someone we can count on through the thick and thin
When the storms of life are blowing there?s just nothing like a friend
(There's just nothing like a friend)

We all need sheltering tress
Friends in our lives who'll get down on their knees
And lift us up before the King of Kings
We all need sheltering trees

There've been days that I was sure that I couldn't make it through
Clouds of doubt came rolling in and I didn't know what I would do
I would've given in and said I just can't go on
If it hadn't been for a friend that helped me to be strong
(Helped me to be strong)


You can face the highest mountain and the climb won't feel so high
Or cross the darkest valley and it won't seem so wide
Nothing is impossible when a friend is by your side

Chorus 2x

LOVE that song.. because what else is being a Christian about if it isn't getting down on your knees to lift someone up? You gotta listen to "Empty Me" too, if you haven't already. Gives me chills every time I hear it... I have the CD and Adam and I listen to it a LOT in the car!
hugs... Pam

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I am a long time reader but I don't know if I have ever signed in before. I don't want to make you think you should go jump off a bridge, but my daughter's name has always been "Hurricane Erica". She leaves a trail of stuff wherever she goes. Um, she's 18 now and it has never gotten better! She's spending the summer with her aunt in Sweden, hopefully Auntie Nicole will whip her into shape. She's off to college in the fall so her new roommate will have to put up with her. I miss her tons and have been having lots of sad times thinking of how fast she grew up, but boy oh boy, my house is clean with her gone!!!! She's only been gone 2 weeks, some days I think I'd trade the clean house to have her back though! I think of Catie often and can picture her in sitting on Jesus' lap and doing her big laugh that I saw in so many of her pictures! Izzy is adorable and it's so exciting that you will have another gorgeous little one soon! Hope your morning/all day sickness ends soon.
Sheila in Minnesota

Talley Images said...

the Izzy stories so make me smile and remind me of my own 19 month old daughter who can get into anything, but is still so sweet....

sorry for the morning sickness, I know thats no fun... hope its over with soon

John & Kelley said...

Hang in there, Jenny! Push through the sickness and sleepiness and (hopefully) enjoy getting into the second trimester (and feeling those miraculous movements). You're so disciplined to be able to treasure one of the few surprises left in our harried lives--whether your baby is a girl or a boy!

I love reading about Izzy and can just see that little towhead wreaking havoc on your house. Natalie's not far behind her, let me tell you. Samantha has always been fairly organized and contained, but Natalie is the opposite. Such fun!


Sandy P said...

I can so relate! My house was cleaned this morning. We got home about 10 minutes before the cleaning lady left. Macie had already managed to scatter toys all over our office/playroom. I try to make her clean up, but it is usally easier to put her down for a nap and do it my self!

Stephanie Deal said...

Hey Mrs. Jenny,

I'm back! God is soooo good. Alaska was so much fun...i can't stop talking about all the great things. Thanks for your the next few days i'll try to update an overview of the trip...b/c then i'm gone again leaving wed. morning.

Your Sister in Christ,
Stephanie Deal

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny! Sending hugs from Lawrenceville GA. Hope you are doing well! Love, Tracy

Anonymous said...

Dear Jenny,
I haven't signed in for a while, been busy moving house and county! What a pleasure it was to read about your gorgeous little girl, she sounds like a bundle of fun!! Congratulations, wonderful to have a new little one coming your way too!!! Funny how you manage to make it all in that week! Hope the morning sickness will soon stop, not much fun!
Take care,
Love Angela