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Sunday, March 2, 2008

She's all over the place!

I swear, Izzy B is growing by the minute! She has definitely decided that walking is more efficient than crawling now and she is all over the place. She's even doing well walking outside in the yard. She loves being outside, and the weather has been gorgeous for the last couple of days. She loves having her hands to carry stuff has she walks and this week I bet she's walked 5 miles around the inside of our house! :) She's quite the dancer when the music comes on and she continues to entertain us and keep us laughing. Her favorite games continue to be chase and peekaboo. She's a tornado at times and can completely clutter up a neat and clean room in about 90 seconds flat. I thought I'd post some recent pictures.

Bathing in the sink at the beach house
Crashed for a nap at the beach

Near Catie's garden w/ the sign our neighbors gave us.

Tonight in her first silky nightgown! Catie (who LOVED her silkies) would have been so proud!


The Nanny said...

Izzy is just gorgeous!

Circus Mama said...

Thanks for sharing the photos - love them!! The sink bath is a classic. ';)

Talley Images said...

isnt she the cutest?!!

and where did you get those silkies?.... my daughter would love a pair of those

John & Kelley said...

Love her, love her, love her! I wish we could get together because I'd love to see her with Natalie. She's obviously a busy bee.


BP said...

I enjoyed the new Izzy pictuers! What a sweet girl. She's getting so big.

Faithful Froggers said...

I am just loving the pictures of Izzy. She is beautiful! Sure wish you lived closer - Izzy & Allie would have such fun together . . . and probably make the biggest mess! :)

I am so excited about your Memorial Fund in honor of Catie and the Silly Ole Elf project! How awesome - Catie would be so proud.

Have a great week!
Love & FROG,

Lauren said...

She looks SO much like Catie in the last picture! What a pretty little girl.

Leeann said...

She's a doll! Looks like she's have Catie's long torso!


Tonya said...

What sweet pictures. I'm so thankful to have "met" you today. I'm still looking for a way to email you. LOL! I think I'll check your caringbridge site again. If not, I'll just post that LONG explanation here. =-)