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Friday, October 12, 2007

William's Walk

Hi guys! Just a quick note before the mad rush of the day starts. Check out the box on the side with details and links for William's Walk. This will be our 5th year entering a team! We'd love for you to join us as a Catie's Cruiser! The cost is only $15 ($20 for phantom participants who want to participate but can't attend). All proceeds go to the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, a great organization that funds pediatric brain tumor research and supports families battling the disease. Let us know if you sign up as a Cruiser!

Also, our buddy Jake and his family are getting ready for Light the Night with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Check out their page to see how you can support them.

Izzy is keeping us on the run -- literally. How can a baby who couldn't even crawl 2 weeks ago be so fast now? The leaves on our potted plants are showing some wear, it's her favorite thing to go after. She definitely hearing "no" and hopefully she's learning what it means. We also see a naked hiney crawling away quite frequently during diaper changes. I'll reach over to grab the diaper and she does this rapid flip and crawl to get away! I was at our produce place yesterday and the folks who run it wanted to know how much she weighed. The plopped her on the scales and she was 23 pounds!!!! She's wearing 12 months clothes and they fit her perfectly.

Off to tackle our day and enjoy some fall temperatures!


Circus Mama said...

Go Izzy go!!! (Your momma needs some exercise! hahahahaha) Welcome to the "chasing stage" - isn't it wonderful? Hope you're taking photos of that speedy hiney!

Love & Hugs!!

John & Kelley said...

23 pounds, huh? At 8 months? We have the chunky ones. Natalie weighed 18.3 pounds at her 6-month appointment, so she's headed that way too!

John and I both registered for William's Walk as phantom runners, but I can't remember if I did it as a member of Catie's team. I hope so!

Enjoy lugging around your sack of potatoes. I sure am!

Jennifer said...

Run, Izzy, run! Your running gives your mom great stories to tell! :)