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Friday, October 26, 2007

Old pictures

Tre' had some pictures of Catie on his computer that I didn't. I was looking through them tonight and that means... that you get stuck looking at pics! :)

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Remember this one? Joey was outside and she wanted him to come in. I wouldn't let her go out yet (we both still had our pjs on), so she opened the door, sat in the floor, and waited.

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Dancing with (or at least trying to) with Joey

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I will always love this picture. I don't remember what they were talking about, but I love how it shows how comfortable Catie was with Dr. Claire... and how Dr. Claire always has time for her patients -- not just the medical stuff -- no matter how busy she is.

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I've posted the pic of her leaning her head against Belle's, but I don't think I've posted this one.

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This was a BIG moment too--- she so looked forward to meeting JoJo and Goliath.

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With Sleeping Beauty

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Laughing because she had kiss marks from Cinderella

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I love this picture of her. It's not her real, real smile, but I love how she just looks so healthy... so tan and so happy.

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Laughing at her birthday party last year -- a couple of her buddies were nailing each other w/ the party blow things.

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This is how I remember her... I'm not sure why when I think of her, she always has hair as she had it for less than a fourth of her life... but I do. And I remember her like she is here, happy, bright-eyed, carefree.

Pictures of Izzy next time!


John & Kelley said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures of your sweet girl. Maybe you remember Catie this way because it's the way God created her to be. Cancer took some of it from her, but it is such a tribute to her life that her beauty, her feisty spirit, and her humor shone through during those bald, medicated, sometimes suffering days. I have no doubt that she looks like this now--head full of hair, tan, rosy cheeks, healthy body, active, completely full of life in a way we can't even imagine.

Dianna in Louisiana said...

I have to agree with the previous poster--- GORGEOUS pictures....and the reason that you probably remember your Beautiful Catie, with hair, full of life is because, well.... that's EXACTLY how she is now and will be when you meet her again "in a blink of an eye."

Dorothy Gould said...

Jenny, thank you for sharing, they are WONDERFUL pictures, and I laughed and cried as I viewed them. What a gift she was, and what a gift we have that we will all be together again one day. many blessings....

Martha said...

Oh Jenny, thank you for the wonderful pictures of Catie. I smiled and I wept. When I think of her, I see her with hair and a big smile on her face...that's just Catie Bug!! And oh what a smile she must have now in heaven. I can only imagine how beautiful and healthy she is.
We are all better people because of Catie and her life. She taught us so much in her short time here on earth. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. They made my day.

Erin said...

I've followed your family for quite some time, and have prayed for you so much over the years. Thank you for sharing those sweet pictures and for sharing Catie (and Izzy!) with us. I LOVE the picture of her laughing at her party. What a special, special girl and what a sweet gift God gave you in her. I look forward to meeting her one day in our heavenly home. Enjoy that sweet little Izzy!

Abbie said...

Oh that Miss Catie Bug...a true sight for sore eyes! Look at her sweet little self, sitting on the floor staring out the door waiting for her puppy. And what a giggle box! HA!

The Bug makes my whole heart smile every time I look at her, as well as causes a little tear to fall. THANK YOU for sharing her with the rest of us...she's such a sweet angel. :)


robinandamelia said...

I can't ever get enough photos of Catie. There is something so capturing in her photos, even to those of us who only had the priviledge to know her this way. Thanks for continuing to share her with us all.