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Monday, September 24, 2007

A pretty gal in pretty flowers

A couple of pics for a Monday night!

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Iz in front of one of the plants in Catie's garden

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and another...


Circus Mama said...

If she were any cuter I'd have to come take a bite!! Catie's butterfly bush looks gorgeous. I hope it gets lots of "visitors!" =)
Love & Hugs!!

Annie said...

oh such a cutie!! so sweet!

Proud Grandma said...

Iz is so cute. Our thoughts are with you in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

soooooo cute!!

addie&daniel said...

she is absolutely beautiful

Brandy said...

She is so precious! And I love Catie's garden in the background. (She looks just like her daddy!)

Ann said...

I have followed your site through Jacob Duckworth's site for such a long time. Usually I cannot tell who a baby looks like, but in looking at certain pictures of Izzy, she looks just like Catie (those serious pictures), and I know, Catie was always smiling, so how do I know. It's just there and so obvious. So tell me, does Izzy look like Catie's picture at that age?