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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Catie!

Happy birthday Sweet Girl!! We can hardly believe that you would have been five years old today. We will think of you so much today (but then, we do every day). We know the celebration that you have every single day in Heaven is better than any old measly thing we could pull off here... Celebrate for us today! We love you so much!!
Momma and Daddy

Happy 8 month birthday to Izzy today too!! It's hard to believe you're already 8 months old!!

Pictures from Catie's birthday last year

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Catie and pals at her dressup party last year... Bailee and I love to laugh about what a mess her room was at the end of the party... Catie thought it was pretty funny last year too!

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She hated having a big group sing Happy Birthday to her... but she didn't mind if it was just Tre' and I. This was after her bath on her birthday last year.

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Bailee's (w/ Hello Kitty) birthday is the day before Catie's. This is last year on her birthday. Catie really had a good time that night!

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The ever famous "laughing at Joey's card" photo

Hope the resizing of pics I did worked... it's hard to fit them into the blog if they're wide pics.


Cyd said...

Thinking of ya'll today. Love you so much!. Tony, Cyd and Claire

Circus Mama said...

Love the photos! I had forgotten the one with the candles for you and Tre' to sing. And of course, the belly laugh at Joey's card will always be one of my favorites! I was remembering yesterday that Joey sent her cards at other times too. Maybe one day he can send a birthday card to Izzy too. ';)
Happy 8 month birthday Izzy!!!

Thinking of you ALL today with love & prayers.

Estefania said...

Happy Birthday Catie!!
You must be having a terrible time up in heaven!! dancing and singing, with only God singing you Happy Birthday.

With Love,

ghaag said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Catie! We miss you like crazy!!!
Love, Gwen

addie&daniel said...

This is what we say at church every Sunday for the birthdays for that week and I think it fits

We wish you many happy returns on the day of your birth
May sunshine and gladness be given
And may the dear Father prepare thee on earth
For a beautiful birthday in Heaven.

Happy Birthday Caite... :)

Proud Grandma said...

Happy Birthday Catie!! Thinking of you all today!

BP said...

Thinking of you all today as you remember Catie's birthday!

John & Kelley said...

Happy birthday, indeed, to a lovely little girl who should still be here. You are greatly missed both by those who actually knew you and those who only knew of you. I hope somehow you know how much good is being done in your precious memory. And I know you have had a blast today!

lucille said...

I am thinking of your family today and wanted you to know that my kindergarten class celebrated Catie's birthday today with cupcakes. Can you just imagine the celebration in heaven?

Debbie Snooks said...

Happy Birthday Catie Bug! As I was driving home from school today, I could not help but think about Catie and how much we all miss her. It was raining as I got near to my house. Right in front was the most beautiful large rainbow and the sun was shining right thru the rain clouds. It was as if Catie Bug was telling us that everything will be OK. Have a wonderful heavenly birthday, Catie Bug!

Erika said...

I thought of you guys all day today... You're in my heart and in my prayers. Happy birthday, sweet Catie!

Sharon Williams said...

Happy Birthday, Catie!
The photos were great, and the CNN clip was very moving. Jenny, you do such an amazing job at all the media appearances!
I hope ya'll shared happy memories of Catie on this special day.

sara said...

Catie was a beautiful child.

robinandamelia said...

Happy Birthday Catie!! You are always close in thought and always in our hearts.