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Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Note or Two

Thank you God for air-conditioning!!!!! Good gosh it's hot! The heat index here today is like 117-118. That is just insane. We're staying inside and doing as little as possible.

This is just a quick post... I've been meaning to put up some links to some of our friends who could really use some extra prayers, and I just haven't done it. So... here goes.

Super Ryan is one tough kid who is battling relapsed neuroblastoma. That, in itself, is more than enough for one family to handle, but they've just learned that his mom, Missy, has breast cancer.

Ben has recently relapsed with leukemia. His journey has already been long, so this is tough. He's just achieved his 2nd remission and will continue treatment for quite some time.

Summer has relapsed AML. She is starting another new chemo this week that will be very tough.

I know all of these families would welcome your encouragement and prayers. Your words really do go a long way in helping these families day to day.

That's all for now... I just wanted to get those links up. I'll update you on us later -- so long as we don't melt!!!!!


Lisa Hanger said...

Good Morning, Jenny! Strange coming here to say hello, but I'm hoping this is another positive change for you. We'll definitely be checking in on you here, in your new "home". Love, love, love the name "Midgets and Moonpies"! How adorable! It breaks my heart to read that the pain over losing Catie is still getting harder. I can't even begin to imagine, Jenny. But I can promise to continue to pray. I will do that faithfully and live for the day that the happy memories even slightly outweigh the pain.

Love you,
Lisa Hanger

Becky, in N. TX said...

Hey Jenny,

I've been reading Catie's site for a long time. I'm glad to see this next step in the healing.

I want to share with you also that I have been soooooo blessed by the video of Catie. Esp. the first song "This is my father's world" I work in a hospital ER and a few days ago we worked to save a 2 yr/old boy who got into a pool. We were unsuccessful. But God brought that song to my mind and reminded me that he is ALWAYS in control. It got me through the rest of that day. (My niece died at age 2 so there were a lot of old memories too.)

Miss Izzy is beautiful and thank you for sharing her. I have three but they are all big. (11,15,21)

In HIS grip,

Tammy said...

Jenny, I too have followed Miss Catie's Caringbridge site for a few years now. I'm happy to hop on over here to your new blog. I've enjoyed hearing about your family, you have the cutest girls around! I hope the pain of loosing Catie will get less in time. I still can't believe she's gone. I just loved her personality, and everything about her. She was one cool kid. I'll be back, that Miss Izzy is pretty darn cute too! Thanks for sharing your family with us, your words always amaze me, you have a thing for writting. You'll be in my prayers. Hugs from Texas, Tammy

Carrie said...

I just loved the video. The pictures and videos are priceless.

Thanks for sharing

You are in my prayers


Pam Doughty said...

Oh my. Watching that video broke my heart yet again... while still knowing that He is in control. What a precious midget sweet Catie was, and what a beautiful little Moonpie you have here with you. God is good, all the time; sometimes it is clear, and other times we see it through a veil. Moonpie is certainly as clear as day; Midget is not so clear. Some day, we will understand.
Til then, thank you for continuing to journal (or blog, or whatever the "word" is). Jenny, you have a gift with words, but even more, you have a gift as a mom, and it's beautiful to watch your gift unfold.