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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Boy

When Izzy was the age that Chip is now, we called her Little Izzy Tornado. I think she's officially passed the nickname to her brother. In matter of 2 hours tonight,he spread paper and old mail all over the kitchen floor, got into Vaseline and rubbed it in the carpet (he was hiding behind the couch when he did that), slung a slew of goldfish all over the place, and cleared all the magnets off the dishwasher twice! He's a busy boy and I'm a tired grateful Momma!


Amy said...

I've been a lurker on Catie's caringbridge/blog for quite a long time now, and have really missed your posts. Since you're feeling let to write again I felt led to actually comment instead of just lurking! :)
Your faith in the face of grief has been an inspiration to me, and your kiddos are so precious, and I just have to thank you for your posts which have always helped keep things in perspective...I understand how therapeutic writing can be.
Many blessings from a cyber-friend in Wisconsin.

Talley Images said...

well, I can see why you would be tired... :)

Its good to see you writing again.