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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Boy

When Izzy was the age that Chip is now, we called her Little Izzy Tornado. I think she's officially passed the nickname to her brother. In matter of 2 hours tonight,he spread paper and old mail all over the kitchen floor, got into Vaseline and rubbed it in the carpet (he was hiding behind the couch when he did that), slung a slew of goldfish all over the place, and cleared all the magnets off the dishwasher twice! He's a busy boy and I'm a tired grateful Momma!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I really miss writing! It's therapeutic for me. I've always called it good, cheap therapy. Time is just so scarce these days. But... I'm scared I'm going to forget things -- cute think the kids are doing, ways they make me crazy, the laughter, the tantrums... So, I really want to try to write more again. It's really for me -- and for our family. I want my kids to know how things were when they were little. Maybe I can do it if I do little snippets instead of long posts. Who knows!

So... a few quick things for tonight.

Chip's current favorite songs are "Happy and You Know It," "Wheels on the Bus," and "Bippity Boppity Boo." Yes, you read it right -- he loves the Cinderella song and will pat your leg and say, "Bip bop boo," until you start singing it for him. He also knows how to use a wand. We DO have boy toys!! :) He makes mean VROOM VROOM to accompany the pushing around of vehicles. He loves a good wrestling match and I think he could take Izzy out if he tried! Though he has found his (loud) voice and knows how to make his wishes known, he continues to be a truly happy kid with an easy (and awesome sounding) laugh.

Iz is my girl who's full of heart... which tends to bring a bit (ok, a lot) of drama to the house. Whatever she feels (and she feels a lot), she feels strongly. I love the way God knit her together and I stand amazed as I watch her compassion for others and her need to DO to help others when something is wrong. She can talk non-stop for 3 days on end I think!! Her imagination is amazing and lately, she's been trying to get me to speak in her new language. When I do, both she and Chip just cackle.

Dinners out are rare these days for the four of us as it's just easier to be home. :) I'm so thankful for these days even though we (we being Tre' and me) are worn out at the end of them.

Croupy coughs abound from both kiddos tonight... normal kid stuff... Thank you God for normal...

Merrill died tonight... Her family is heavy on my heart. Cancer really is so incredibly unfair.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the Mood for Some Old Pictures

I was looking back at some old pictures tonight. Here are a few. The first one is a pic of Catie right before one of her big brain surgeries. It was taken on a camera phone and she's signing "I love you." -- soooo wish I had it in better resolution! I think this was the surgery where Tre' had taught her to shoot spitballs the night before. Aunt NikNik had snuck a straw into pre-op in case she wanted to nail anybody. The one of Catie and I together at the hospital is from the very earliest hospital days when she was about the age Chip is now. I love that picture b/c she is actually sitting up and doesn't have to many tubes. The follwing days were really tough, but this picture has always been a favorite. I really do see a lot of Catie in Chip at this age. The middle one is an all time favorite of mine where she's getting her daddy with flour. The last couple are pics of Catie when she was right about the age Iz is now. In one, she's w/ her buddy Bailee at Stone Mountain. In the other, it's Halloween and she dressed up as a doctor complete w/ a CHOA nametag w/ her picture and all (thanks to our AWESOME Mr. Morris).

Miss you so much sweet girl and soooo wonder where you would fit into the craziness that is our life now. Boy, wouldn't we love to know...