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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Good Day

Our portion of MRI -- a few hundred dollars
Parking fees at 2 different facilities -- $14
Co-pays for 3 different docs -- $90
Finding out your kid will be fine -- priceless

So Chip has been having some issues w/ his eyes. If you know much about brain tumors, you know that eye symptoms freak out parents of BT kids. I was fairly sure that Chip's problems were just w/ his eyes, but it was still hard not to worry.

Long story short, we headed to ATL this week for an MRI, to see Dr. Claire, and to see a neuro-opthamologist. The MRI was normal (thank you, thank you, thank you). After learning that, we headed to Piedmont to see the neuro-opthamologist. She agreed w/ us that he was definitely struggling w/ his vision, but she wasn't sure exactly what was going on. She was great and very thoughtful and called a friend of hers, a peds opth. at Scottish Rite. He was very kind and agreed to work us in that day. We met him and he quickly assessed Chip, put some drops in his eyes and said he'd be right back to let us know what was going on. We were surprised at his quick assessment and the impression he already knew what was going on (we'd already seen a doc here locally who was stumped as well). He stepped out for a couple of minutes. Upon coming back in, he looked in Chip's eyes briefly again and then sat back and told us that Chip was going to be fine. He said he has ocular motor apraxia. Basically, he can't track objects with his eyes. While we wish his eyes worked perfectly, this is SO TOTALLY something that we can handle! The problem will improve as he gets older and we are investigating occupational and/or vision therapies.

We are doing well (esp. now!!) and things continue to clip along at a quick pace. The kids are growing, are doing well at the sitter's while I'm teaching, and are, as always, keeping us on our toes!! We love the normalcy that has invaded our lives and we are grateful for it each and every day.

Please pray for our friends, the Maxeys. Their 1st daughter, Maddy, and Catie were in treatment together. They lost Maddy shortly after her 1st birthday. They are now facing extremely tough times w/ their 3rd child (2nd daughter). Please pray for Kirk, Natalie, and big brother Grant, as they take sweet Annette home.


jandkland said...

Celebrating with you that Chip's problem is relatively normal and that a solution is relatively simple. I can't imagine how it must be to see something like that after what you've been through. The fear. The worry. The anxiety. I'm glad you have access to such wonderful doctors who take your concerns seriously. And I'm so glad that your bouncy baby boy is okay! It was wonderful to see you all (except Izzy) in person at Cracker Barrel.

I have been visiting the Maxey site regularly and praying for them. I can't fathom it. It is completely heart shattering.


Pam D said...

Wow. I've heard of apraxia in relation to speech; one of our playgroup buddies was in therapy for that. Didn't know that it could also apply to vision, but I'm so glad to hear that Chip has a situation that can be remedied. Without... all of the "stuff". whew. Several of my church friends went to church with the Maxeys in Smyrna, and there are many of us up here praying and broken-hearted for them. May God hold them close...

Kristie said...

Thank you so much for putting the "Priceless" line right at the top, because my heart stopped for just a moment at the mere mention of MRI. I am not a BT parent, but I reserve the right to worry like one! :)

So glad to hear things are good with all of you .... hope your back-to-school time is going smoothly. Wish I could be with you guys for the luncheon ... really, you have no idea how much I do. Please tell everyone I said hello!

Amanda: said...

What a blessing to not have something be a big deal!!! I know that feeling of relief!! Once, there was a lump on baby Logan's head that was scaring me to death, even though I knew I was being irrational. It turned out to be a swollen lymph node, but STILL!!!!!!!

alayna said...

Praise God! So glad to hear that all is going to be fine - I'm sure that was a trying time. Also, Chip looks exactly like his daddy in that picture! Handsome boy!

Jennifer said...

Thinking of you all today. My husband was born 25 years after Catie, and I remember her while we celebrate him. I hope there are chiknen biscuits with chiknen on them today or in the near future! May today bring some good memories.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,
I tried to purchase an elf from Catie's site for Scottish Rite in memory of Tyler; it showed the amount as $0 and wouldn't let me check out. I'll just order one for SR without choosing Tyler but wanted to let you know. Also, I just put up a post that mentions Catie's Elves. And Jack. :<(
with love...
Pam D (at a new blog address..)

Mom2Toribug said...

Jenni, oh Jenni!! Where are you? I have been coming by here a lot lately to see if you have updated? I have had Catiebug on my brain a lot b/c of Catie Elves. Our elf, Joy is coming on Dec. 1st. with a pair of new Christmas pajamas. Are you doing it this year for your two precious angels? Please let us hear from you. I miss coming by to "see" how things are going. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Mamasita said...

Saw you on my tv last night!

You did a great job and it was awesome to hear and see Catie's story again.

Pam D said...

Catie has been in our hearts all this month as our silly elf has wrecked havoc and warmed our hearts! My boy cried last night at the thought that the elf would be gone for a year; he prayed that Santa would miss our house (and miss giving him his gifts) so that Cheewee could stay. Santa gravely considered this selfless act and granted the elf one more week. :<)
Praying for you ... and so thankful for HOPE:
"Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23
May you be richly blessed in 2010! {{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

"Greg the Elf" came to visit our family again this year; our children absolutely LOVE this tradition! So Catie's spirit lives on....even in Suburban Philadelphia!!!