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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Izzy's Antics for Safe-Keeping

I think I'm going to have to start a weekly entry on Izzy's antics and the crazy things she says. I don't want to grow old and forget the things that crack us up in our normal everydayness of life..

For instance...
*Upon seeing a bug this morning (a bug I never saw, mind you... I think it was a piece of dirt that proves how badly my floor needs vacuuming), Moonpie walked over a grabbed the first shoe she could find... a shoe that happened to be one of my crocs. She walks back over to where she saw the "bug" and says, "I got shoe and I know how to use it." I totally cracked up laughing.

*Tonight, after arriving at home Izzy somehow got a hold of my keys... and for some reason... put them in a ziplock bag??? Go figure. She then had me seal the bag and said as she placed the bag on the counter... in her sealed ziplock bag... "Momma, I put them here for safe-keeping, ok?" Safe-keeping??? Where does she get this stuff??? :)

There was something else she said today that escapes my tired brain, but I hope I remember it later so that I can write it down for safe-keeping.

The pics below are from Mother's Day weekend at my mom's house. They're of Izzy and her cousin (Nikki and D's daughter), Natalie (also known 'round these parts as NatNat). They had great fun playing in the dirt helping my mom plant flowers. Chip missed out on the mudpies this year, but I'm sure he'll be in the thick of things this time next year!


Pam D said...

Oh my word! Izzy is HILARIOUS! And the pics of her and NatNat are so cute... I bet they'll be best buddies all of their lives! Isn't it great having a blog to keep all these precious memories? For "safe-keeping"? And there are actually sites that will print your blog into a bound book; something you'll have to do someday for Iz and Chip.

jandkland said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!! Thanks for sharing! I love the words that come out of little kids' mouths. She's so funny!

The pics of her and Natalie are precious. They are cutie pies.


bp said...

Thanks for sharing and making me laugh tonight, those are great stories, I'm glad you recorded them to remember. The pictures made me smile too, especially the water hose one!