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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pictures of Chip!

He's here and he's so handsome. We can't wait to get all of us home and under the same roof! :)


Pam D said...

He is beautiful! I mean.. handsome!!! And Izzy just looks blown away... I think she might be in shock. Congrats and blessings.. may God have His hand on your son every step that he takes, and may Chip choose to take every step for Him.

Lori said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie. Izzy looks like she is going to be wonderful big sister. Rest easy Jenny and congratulations.

Shannon said...

My heart is so full and happy for you, Jenny! He is yet another miracle from above to love and cherish!

Jarrod said...

Jenny,Tre'and Izzie, I can't tell you how happy I am for your family. I know that this little "Chip" will bring so much happiness to your already full cup. And I know that a certain little somebody is tickled pink to have that little brother. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Craven that Chicken Biscuit..Love ya'll
Lester and the Mayor

Amanda: said...

Awww! He is simply gorgeous. I'm SO happy for you guys!! Love that 'lil guy to PIECES! Izzy looks like she's just in awe of him :)

Stephanie Deal said...

Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! So glad to see everyone doing so well. He is sooo cute! Prayers & Hugs,
stephanie Deal

Teamrivers said...

Yeah!! So excited for you guys- hugs to all and here's to happy days. Thinking of you lots tomorrow and praying that Chip and Iz feel the brush of Catie's kisses often.

Anonymous said...

hello Jenny,
Just checked in for the first time for ages, had some sadness in our family lately and I've been back to England.
I loved reading your great news and seeing those happy pictures, it cheered me to see that your little boy is now with you and see your happy smiles.
Wishing a healthy and happy long life for him and all of you.
Take care
Love Angela