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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We haven't fallen off the planet!

Though you might think we have as it's been nearly a MONTH since I've written anything!!!!! Chalk it up to trying to remember how to work and get everything done at home too. If I were really honest though, I could blame it ALL on the 5:45 AM wake up call!!!! Have I ever said I'm not a morning person? I'm here to tell you, I'm REALLY not a morning person!

Iz continues to do great at the sitter's. We're talking about tackling potty training soon. She's pointing to the potty and saying "potty words." She likes to give it a try before she gets in the tub and she's started letting me know when she has a stinky diaper. We figure we'll go ahead and give it a go. Should be interesting!!

Went to the GA game (go DAWGS!!) and the beach this weekend and think we're all thoroughly beat! But we sure had a good time. I got some good pics of Izzy that I'll try to get up by the weekend (so long as Hannah doesn't blow our electricity out!).

Hope you're well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny! I check on you all so so often and it is good to hear from you! Glad yall enjoyed the 3 day weekend. Take care and I can't wait to see pics of Miss Izzy. Hugs from Lawrenceville, GA.
Tracy Neal

Tracy said...

We were at the game, too. Wish I had known you were there, we could have met up. You know, since we live so far away from each other!! And of course we did the lake instead of the beach :)

Anonymous said...

We didn't get to go to the game, but we do live just 20 minutes from Athens. I work for a pediatrician in Athens too. I would love to meet ya'll sometime. Believe it or not, I have lived in Georgia my entire life and NEVER been to a GA game. My daughter does gymnastics so we have been to see the GymDogs several times. You should try it out sometime too. It is a lot of fun!!
Wendy in Winder, GA