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Friday, March 28, 2008

Big Tears from a Little Girl

Last night Izzy followed Tre' into her room. About 2 1/2 seconds later she comes running out of the room just bawling -- not "I'm hurt" crying, but just bawling like her heart is broken. So I go and lift her to my hip, thinking she was getting to something she shouldn't have and Tre' had told her no, when he comes out asking, "What's wrong Moonpie?" So I look at her and look at him and we're clueless. She's still bawling. I walk back into the room, still holding her on my hip and I see the cause of all the drama. There it sits in the middle of her room, left unattended as I had not finished up in there yet.... the big ole scary vaccuum cleaner. It wasn't even running -- just the sight of it pushed her over the edge. I had to laugh a little. We've tried everything, letting her touch it while it's on and while it's off, using her own vaccuum cleaner... nothing seems to be able to conquer the fear of the big scary machine.

So... I'm thinking I should use this to our advantage... If I put the vaccuum cleaner in plain sight in our bedroom, do you think it would convince her to sleep all night in her room???


threehandprints said...

My youngest is terrified of the vacumn cleaner too...but only when its running.

Michael's pen said...

Don't you dare!!!
Grandpa Mike

Dorothy Gould said...


It's worth a try!

My two year olds are scared of bugs, my son will throw both hands over his eyes, and then try to run away.

Thanks for the post, it gave me a good laugh, Dorothy

Anonymous said...

I like the way you think! Let me know how it goes!


Pam Doughty said...

I think she's just very, very smart, and she already knows what the future could hold with that monster around! Don't worry, Izzy..I throw up MY hands and scream when I see the vacuum cleaner, too!

Sandra Seckinger said...

Amnanda used to be scared to death of vaccumn cleaners. Ha she still is as it now means work. She would run from it screaming its gonna get me. Now she runs from it to keep from working. She got her drivers liscense last saturday. So look out she is on the road.


BP said...

It seems Caleb (age 3 1/2) still goes through stages of liking the vacuum and other times he doesn't want anything to do with it! Glad you figured out what had upset her.

Anonymous said...

I've had one of each in the "terrified of the vacuum" department... it always baffled me! Your conclusion made me grin! :)
Love ya,

Sandy P said...

Carson never liked anything that makes too much noise. I still (at 4) have to warn him before I turn on the hair dryer. Macie isn't scared of these things, but she has the same cry when she doesn't get her way!

Anonymous said...

My 19 year old was scared to death of the vacumn when she was little. It was a "dirt devil" and she would tell everyone who came to the door that "momma keeps the devil in the closet". She is now in college. Not sure if she's still scared, but she doesn't seem to use it much! haha!

Anonymous said...

My 18 month old daughter does the same thing - I actually left it in front of our bookcase so she would quit pulling the books off - sounds cruel, but it worked:) Hope you guys are doing well - love your journal entries. We continue to pray for good days.


Anonymous said...

AAAhhhh, bet you wouldn't want her to stay in her room all night would you? When my children were babies it was so lovely when they came into the room in the middle of night and snuggled up their sweet little bodies, fond memories, wish I could go back now!!!
Take care,
Love Angela

Talley Images said...

my 3 year old son still hates the vacuum and has to sit on the couch away from it when its on....