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Friday, December 7, 2007

Silly Elf Update

You guys are amazing!!!! At last count, over 100 elves had been donated through Host an Elf!!!! How awesome is that? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the blog entry below. I know folks are still ordering, so I wanted to let you know that if you are ordering some for your family or as a gift, 30% of proceeds can still go to Cure Childhood Cancer . There is a pulldown menu at the top for donating part of the proceeds to your favorite charity. Just pull down and click CURE Childhood Cancer and then place your order like normal. Thank you to all who have forwarded the info. on or posted it on your site or blog! We're hoping to make this a yearly tradition. Tre' and I can honestly think of no better way to let a bit of Catie live on. It's just a perfect fit. We're excited about making some deliveries soon! We'll keep you posted on how things are going and how many we end up with in all. We just wanted you to know how grateful we are to all of you who have ordered elves!!! What a Christmas gift this is to our family.

Tre', Jenny, and Izzy

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Brandon & Ansley's Mom said...

What a wonderful tribute to Catie; and, what joy it will bring all of us to know how many silly elf's will be running around this Christmas season! Don't you know Catie is smiling from ear to ear. I ordered elf's for each of my kids and one of Catie's - I came back to your site to make a comment and realized I could have donated on the two I ordered for my children. I emailed to ask if they could please be sure the donations are made and they emailed me back within minutes and told me they are donating 30% to curechildhoodcancer for all orders that include an "Elf for Catie"! What a wonderful organization...there really is a Santa. Thank you again for sharing, Jenny!

God Bless each of you-
Stephanie Young

Stephanie Deal said...

How awesome that God is in control and using 'A Silly Ole Elf' to help celebrate Catie and her life and also help find a Cure for Childhood Cancer. Thats awesome. Continuely praying,
Stephanie Deal

anna said...

Jenny, this is so great. What a wonderful Christmas gift for your family and others! I cried my eyes out reading about it, then went right over to order and Elf from Catie for a child with cancer. I'll try to spread the word about this so others can do the same!

Jessica said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I've followed your story for a couple of years through other caringbridge sites (I worked at Egleston for a while, and took care of several of "Catie's friends"). I just wanted to let you know that our family is praying for you especially as Christmas approaches. I've also e-mailed a link to your blog and hostanelf to all of my friends with small children. What a great idea - we are excited about it already! Thanks for sharing that tradition. Of course, I'll be ordering one of Catie's elves, too. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Well I just got a very exciting email back when I orded several elves, including an "Elf for Catie." They said so far they've gotten enough elves to supply the largest hospital in Atlanta! Let's see how many more hospitals will get elves thanks to Catie!! How cool!

I sent Klove ( the story and my friend in Chicago writes as a part of a huge network of mom bloggers (that's widely followed by Oprah folks) and she's wanting to write about it this week, so your elf project in honor of Catie may get all sorts of publicity ~ and hopefully get lots of other children the chance to have such great memories of Christmas fun with their elves AND help Cure! What a legacy that would be for Catie Bug!

Love from San Diego!

JoBeth said...

I just ordered my elves! I can't wait to hug the one like Catie has. I can hardly look at the pics. of Catie, as I remember them from last year, and my heart overflows with tears with missing her. My prayers have been more abundant these last few weeks, as the Christmas season is upon us. I love you, Jenny! Kisses to Izzy!

Anonymous said...


I just ordered an elf for my children and plan to order an elf for each of my younger children's teachers (Pre-K and Kindergarten). Imagine the shenanigans those darn elves will be able to get into inside a classroom! What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful girl! Can't wait to share the excitement with all of my "mommy" friends!!

Julie H.
Bucks County, PA

Bernie said...

Hi there you dont me but I have followed your story all the way from Australia for a while now and first found it through following Dylan Hartung fight against cancer. I saw his story on a TV program here in Sydney Australia and it touched me so much I have followed his website from them on. I have found and followed many stories of children in the US including Caties and it breaks my heart to hear all the heatbreak people are going through. Your daughter through your stories on your website seems like an insperation to many people. I hope the ELF I have donated through HOST AN ELF puts a smile on a little childs face somewhere in a hospital in America like it did your Caties.