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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Quick Request

We'd love to hear what your elves are up to!! Someone had requested ideas earlier, and I never got around to posting. There are some suggestions on the Host an Elf website (I think under a tab that says Past Elf Experiences), but it would be fun to hear what these elves are up to now! Feel free to post in the comments section or send stories/pics to my e-mail. We received a couple of e-mails this morning telling us what the silly elves were doing.... definitely makes me smile!! We'll be sure to update when we have new numbers!


Heather said...

What an awesome way to honor Catie at Christmas! Those elves are too cute and I know they will make many children happy this holiday season. Catie will live on in so many homes for years to come!

Thanks, too, for posting about Jacob's Stocking.

I hope you have a wonderful 1st Christmas with Izzy. She is adorable and I love to read your stories about her.

Praying for your family . . .
Love & FROG,

Anonymous said...

We just got our elf "JOY" this morning. Well, actually yesterday but we opened it up this morning. Joy is going to a play with us tonight and then the fun begins. I found the ideas on the website and I hope to be creative enough to come up with a few on my own, but we'll see. I was trying to explain to my daughter how you spread Christmas cheer and sometimes you don't let them know it was you and she says, "it says to do that in the Bible and then you will get a reward". I told her that is right, but we don't do it for a reward either. So, this should be interesting. I have told so many people about the hostanelf website and the great thing that is coming out of it. Have a great day!
Wendy in Winder, GA

3bboys said...

We have 3 elves that come and visit my 3 boys each year (8,4,16mths) and I have the most fun!! My elves are poetic and write lots of poems for my boys about the true meaning of Christmas. One night my elves used red, green, and white kissables and spelled JESUS across our living room floor. Once each season our elves will be found reading the Christmas story from the Bible and sitting and looking at our nativity scene. Our elves do the usual antics as well such as throwing socks and marshmallows around the house. They write messages on the bathroom mirrors with my lipstick. Just last night they made a huge mess in our kitchen making hot chocolate. They also love to play games such as checkers and twister. I usually try to make sure that the elves do something really "good" right before they leave to go back to the northpole. Last year was so great that I'm having a hard time topping it. I got up early that morning and my husband allowed me to wrap him in wrapping paper right in the bed, and he pretended to still be sleeping. I ran and woke my boys up and told them they were not going to believe what the elves had done. When they saw their dad lying in the bed wrapped like a present it was hilarious. The elves had written a little poem.... "We know we did something bad we wrapped up your dad....." Anyway, they unwrapped him and of course their daddy was "so mad at those elves" Jenny, I ordered one of Catie's elves. As you can see I really get into this and I hope that some of these families can find the same joy that my family has. Thank you for showing all of us a way to spread some joy during this season. Your strength and faith continues to amaze me. God Bless you and your family.

Sally said...

We received Autry yesterday and the kids were so excited to go to bed so they could wake up and see if he was good. They found him in the kitchen hanging on the drawer...pancake mix everywhere, with a note saying he made pancakes and they were in the fridge....I guess he was trying to impress his hosts, but he sure got messy in the meantime!!!

Sally Yost
Woodstock, GA

Anonymous said...

Well, I have an elf coming any day, but no kid yet, so I'm just thinking up ideas for someday. How about if your elf was found standing on his head doing whatever he was doing for a few days and something about him liking seeing things from another perspective, and then the next day have the elf rightside up, but turn a bunch of the things in the room upside down (chairs, toys, etc.) and something about him deciding it was easier to have everything upside down than stand on his head all day. Or have him 'flying' from the rafters or a hanging lamp or something and have him trying to fly since he never gets to ride in Santa's sleigh?

I can't wait for my elf to come...and to have kids someday to get to do this with!

John & Kelley said...

Hi, Jenny! We're having fun with our elf, who came with the name "Crystal" but has a new name. Samantha asked me, "Mama, what does C, O, D, R spell?" Ummm. "Codder?" "Yes. That's what her name is." So Codder has been caught in the Christmas tree with a candy cane stuck in her apron, tucked away in the freezer, relaxing in the baby swing watching the Christmas tree, sitting on the counter reading a Mickey Mouse Christmas book, hiding in a "pillow house," and standing behind a wall of blocks she built. Such fun!!! I have to tell you, though, I told Samantha the elf was coming from Santa, and you should have seen the look on her face when I took the elf out of the box. "It's just pretend," she said. I felt awful for disappointing her, but we've had fun with Codder since.

Rachael said...

As soon as I read your post about the elves I went to the website and ordered one for us, and one of "Catie's Elves". Our elf Paul has been here for almost a week and we have had so much fun with him. My four year old refuses to give him his oatmeal so he can sleep, he always wants to feed him a jellybean. So our elf has been very mischevious every night. He has taken out all my son's cars and put them on our train display, he ate some of our cookies, he built a tower with our blocks, he climbed to the top of our Christmas tree (my sons favorite so far), made angels in the flour, and tonight is reading our Christmas books on the couch. Thanks so much for sharing this fun tradition with us. And thanks for sharing Catie and Izzy with us.

Anonymous said...

"It IS magic".....
Tonight was our first night with our elf, Joy. My niece was in a play tonight called Annie Jr. so "Joy" went along for the show. When we got home I needed to run to Wal-mart so I told my daughter and her daddy to leave Joy under the Christmas tree and to leave her jelly bean. My daughter and her daddy did just that and went to the back of the house to get ready for bed. They hadn't been out of the room for more than a minute when they came back into the living room and the jelly bean was gone!!! My daughter starts screaming saying it really was magic, her elf Joy, had already eaten the jelly bean. My husband didn't think anything of putting the jelly bean on the floor beside Joy.
Only the dog knows the real secret and she isn't telling!!
Looks like we might have ourselves one fat dog before Christmas
Eve ;-)
This is going to be so much fun. Let the adventures begin.
Wendy in Winder, GA.
P.S. Joy is leaving the movie "Annie" for my daughter as a reminder of their first night together.

Whitney June said...

Jenn -- Those 2 elves will be my students' favorite memory of first grade!!! They tried to learn to read and knocked over the book baskets. They tried to learn math and scattered math manipulatives all over the floor. They got trapped inside the big plastic tub I use for a treasure box -- apparently looking for treasure! We write about their mischief every day in Writer's Workshop and the entries and pictures are awesome -- I suddenly look like a genius writing teacher!!! As I teach in a Title I school, many of my students don't have a lot of experience with the joy of Christmas traditions. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share this experience with them. And thanks to the wonderful lady at "Host an Elf" for including a second elf when she found out I was ordering for my classroom!!! Love and prayers, Whitney

threehandprints said...

Our elf snappy got into some mischief last night. He toilet papered our living room and needless to say the boys thought it was the most hilarious thing. They even helped to clean it up :)
We woke up one morning and he was watching the polar express. Snappy was in our Christmas tree once too. We are having so much fun hosting our elf all thanks to you Jenny (& Catie). To see some pictures of last nights adventure, head over to my site! Merry Christmas!

JoBeth said...

Sparkle, the girl elf, got into sprinkles last night and also the Hershey Kisses. She hid in a Christmas bucket that is in our kitchen. Last night before bed, Kilby said, mama I want my elf to do like Catie's elf and get in the freezer. (We will see what she is up to tonight!) She then had the biggest grin on her face that it made her whole self smile. Our other elf that looks like Catie's, hangs on the hand thingy above the window in our car, so he goes with us everywhere. Thank you for sharing your sweet girl with us! Know that she shines brightly in our hearts and prayers are many for you. Kisses for sweet sister, Izzy.

Jennifer said...

We recieved our elves on Thursday. We did not let our kids know that they had arrived. We only told them was that Santa wanted some of his elves to come visit for a short vacation. We had them sitting on top of the Christmas tree the next morining. The kids were so surprised the next day to find out that the elves had come and that they had decorated our Christmas tree. They took a ride on out ceiling fans the next day. Thank you so much for the GREAT idea. I have shared Catie's story with so many, everyone is amazed about the story of the elves. We are reminded of how many was that He is there for us and never leaves us.

Jennifer Stokes

michele(nurse in ny) said...

don't know what my elf is up to, I just donated him but I hope he is making the days fun for some special child....

Stacey Heislen said...

Well, our elves Ryder, Niles, and Pixie arrived yesterday. And today while we are at work and daycare they are going to cause lots of mischief. They are going to have tissue paper everywhere, bubble wrap, and they are going to be hanging from the ceiling fan by wrapping ribbon (they may also have confetti to sprinkle from a bag). They will have wrapped the doorway with wrapping paper and ribbon so the children have to rip through it to get to the real mess.
Below is the note from our elves to the children b/c they are actually being sent by Santa and a very special person. Nicholas, Andrew and Brooklyn each have their very own elf and letter.

Hello Nicholas!!! I am very glad Santa has allowed me to come be your friend. I was also a special request from your Grandma Barb. Below is a message from your Grandma Barb.

“Hi Nicholas. First I want to tell you that I love you very much and miss you . I love watching over you and seeing how you are growing to be such a wonderful young man. In our very own special way, I will always be with you and will be here to listen. Second, I put the special request into Santa for the elf because I ALWAYS love to have FUN and I love causing mischief. I hope you have lots of fun with your elf. Sending lots of hugs and kisses!!!!! Grandma Barb”

Sounds like your Grandma Barb loves playing tricks, causing mischief  and just plain having FUN, so she and I are a match made in heaven!!!!! Well, let’s get busy having some FUN!!!!!

PS. I will take care of all the mischief. You want to stay on the good list , so you get lots of presents.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea with us. We will also be purchasing one more elf to share with Grandma Barb's siblings/nieces/nephews. The elf will be sent to a new home each year to cause mischief and have fun just like Barb.

Stacey Heislen
Jefferson City Missouri