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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ms. Izzy

At the moment Ms. Izzy is alternately attacking her Leapfrog table and dancing to the music coming from it. She has quite the cute booty shake! We've started decorating for Christmas (no tree yet) and she loves the lights (which translates to she wants to eat them!). She loves all the singing animals that were Catie's and she wants them singing non-stop. The really funny thing is her grunting and protesting when they quit singing. She has a new wrinkly nosed facial expression that is absolutely adorable and can come out when she's happy or mad. Baby food is a thing of the past (even though she still only has 2 teeth). She won't touch the stuff and we're anticipating the switch to milk in a few weeks. She only woke up ONCE last night!!!!!!! She's discovered Catie's kitchen and though she's not pretend-cooking yet (though she will pretend to give you a bite of food), but she loves playing w/ all the stuff in it (translation: spreading it all over the kitchen and great room floors!). She's got several words (mama, dada, baby, book, papi, dog, Gaga, and a couple of others) and you can just watch her absorbing words as you say them. Her wave is quite exuberant and I'm quite certain it will give you a black eye if you get in the way of it. She still thinks chewing on paper is fashionable and will "run" from you when you need to do a mouth check! Obviously, she is keeping us on our toes and keeps us giggling! There is no rest when she's up and on the move and that's fine with us (so long as she lets us sleep at night!).

Totally didn't plan to do Santa on this day, but there was NO line and the picture disc was half price (which is still outrageous!), so we had to stop!
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We'll update again the next time we're not in chasing mode!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I missed you today sweet girl!

Dear Catie Bug,
I missed you today!! I miss you every day, but today I missed you a little more than usual. I missed you when...

... I walked by the Hello Kitty store and didn't have a reason to go in and look at all the fun pens and pads and stamps and bags.

... Izzy sat on Santa's knee and kept wanting to pull his beard. I kept thinking of how you would have explained Santa to her and helped her to not be afraid of him (she did really well though -- not scared at all -- you would have been proud).

... I walked by the big girl dresses and the cute Gap sweater I would have bought for you.

... when I saw matching pjs that you and Izzy could have worn together.

... when I ate my "chicknen" biscuit with "chicknen" on it for breakfast.

... I heard Frosty the Snowman on the radio and thought of that silly snowman that sings it that you loved so much. I'll have to show that to Izzy!

... when I didn't have to try to sneak any presents into the van or figure out what bags could come in and what had to stay in the car so that you wouldn't see your gifts. (Izzy stared at one of her gifts all the way home and didn't have a clue!! You would have thought that was funny.)

... when I bought your Christmas ornament for this year... I found it at Target (a friend had told me about it). It's a really cute butterfly and all the proceeds go to fund research for kids' cancers. That seemed pretty appropriate. I wasn't sure if I should get you an ornament this year or not... decided to for sure this year (you were here for the beginning of 2007 after all), and we'll decide about next year, next year.

... I was shopping for Izzy today. You would have had fun doing that (and probably would have had me breaking the bank for your sister!!).

... when I walked past Claire's and saw all the fun make up and lip glosses and fingernail polishes that you like so much. I miss buying that stuff for you!! I'm sure Izzy will be ready for it before we know it.
I'm so thankful we had the 4 years and nearly 4 months with you that we did. What a gift!!! So... I'll try to remember that on days like today when the missing waves can be so strong!

Go slide down a rainbow and send sweet dreams to our house tonight our beautiful girl. We love you so very, very much.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a Quick Note

Not much tonight -- just a quick note. Check out the 2 videos above. We took them at Aunt Lisa's house tonight when Izzy was playing w/ Lisa's daughter (and Izzy's buddy), Ryan. It sounds like she says doggie in the first video.

No big plans for us for Thanksgiving. The three of us are laying low and hanging out at the house. We're hoping to get some work done in Catie's garden to get it ready for winter.

Tired tonight, so that's all for now. Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Izzy's Dedication

We had Izzy's Baby Dedication this weekend. We decided several months ago that we wanted to do it at the beach, so on Saturday that's where we headed. It was a beautiful day. A little on the chilly side w/ a bit of a brisk wind, but it was gorgeous. We were on the south end of Tybee and it was low tide... a favorite time at the beach for our family. I can't tell you how many hermit crabs we've chased and sting rays we've watched with Catie at that time of day at Tybee... I can't wait till next summer to start sharing all those wonders with Izzy.

Bro. Larry read a portion of Psalm 139 (one of my favorite passages) and I read a book called You Are My I Love You. Tre' and I committed to raising her in a loving home and helping her come to know and love God. Bro. Larry presented her with a letter to be opened on her 12th birthday.... 12th birthday... that just sounds so amazing to me... to think of her getting to live to be 12. I know that sounds crazy, but we know nothing is guaranteed for any of us... Not that we expect anything to happen to Izzy... I had just never let myself think that far ahead... So now, we have a letter for Izzy to open when, God willing, she turns 12...

Izzy was so sweet and cute and just waved to everyone standing in the gazebo looking out over the ocean with us. She is quite the social butterfly!! She just waved and grinned and grinned and waved... and blew raspberries during the prayer. That's our girl! :)

She is so curious about words right now... she's saying dog, baby, book, and papi now. She doesn't pronounce them perfectly (leaves g off of dog or k of of book), but she says them intentionally when she sees them. I took her papi out of her mouth this morning and she looked at me and said, "pap. pap. papi." She LOVES books and is continuing to keep us on our toes. We're loving it!

Below are some pics from Sat.

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Izzy and Daddy

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Izzy and Momma

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the 3 of us with Bro. Larry

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the 3 of us

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snuggling w/ Uncle Chad (she was so funny and just kept rubbing her face against his)


Just a quick note about how to do comments. I had 2-3 folks at William's Walk tell me they couldn't figure out how to do it and I told them I would put instructions up on the blog. Sorry it's taken me so long to do it!! I figured out how to switch it so that you don't have to have a google account to leave a comment/message. If you want to leave a comment, all you have to do is click the word comment below any blog entry. When you click it, it takes you to a page where you can read other comments if there are any and there is a box on the right hand side for you to type in if you want to leave a message. Then click the appropriate box for who you are. If you click anonymous so your info isn't seen, I hope you'll leave your name in your comments so that we know who the message is from. To finish, just click the publish your comment button and your done. Hope this helps!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Izzy, Izzy, Izzy

I promise this happened at our house Sunday afternoon after we got home from Atlanta.

Izzy crawled to the plant (which she is pretty certain is off-limits), looks at me and grins as I say, "No ma'am" in a very firm voice. She then, fast as lightening, grabs a leaf, yanks it off the plant, laughs, and starts crawling away from me (while giggling) as fast as she can! I go after her, ready for another stern "no ma'am" and as soon as I get to her, she intentionally shoves her hands (w/ the leaf in it) under her tummy, and falls flat on top of it... grinning all the while!

We are soooooo in trouble!!! ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Izzy's First Halloween

Izzy was given 2 costumes for her first Halloween. She spent some time in both yesterday. Thought we'd share the pictures with you.

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A waving butterfly

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A happy bug

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Much better (in her book) without the hat ;)

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Izzy and Bailee

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My best attempt at getting a picture of Bailee, Brock (her brother), and Izzy all together (it's the only one where you could see all 3 faces -- there's was a lot of wiggling going on)

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Iz and DaDa

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This Halloween stuff will wear you out

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Passed out on my chest after all the fun