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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And Sweet Izzy

Thank you God for Izzy....

for the big smile and bright blue eyes that awaken us each morning.

for you energetic nature that keeps us on our toes

for your strength and health

for your curious nature (which tends to lead you towards plants and electrical cords no matter how well I've hidden them)

for those sweet times when you lay your head on my shoulder to give us "love" and for your wide open mouth kisses that you plant on our cheeks

for your messy fingers and your insistence on not wearing a bib (it makes for some messy clothes, but it's hard to find one you can't pull off)

for your busyness... you really crack your daddy and me up

for your sweet little arms that reach up for us when you want to be held

for the trampoline you've discovered in your bed ;)

for your voice... sometimes loud, sometimes husky, always music to our ears

for your growls and grunts

for you sweet giggle that makes us laugh too

for that cute little hiney that sticks up as you crawl across the floor

for your feistiness that keeps life quite interesting

for the way you crawl away from me, stop, sit, and then wave with the sweetest grin

for the speedy twist, flip, and crawl move you try EVERY single time I change your diaper

for the way you brighten our lives every single day.... have I said lately how glad we are that you're here?


Amy S. said...

Of coures you are Thankful for her..She is just perfect! A cutie with a very sweet face and smile.
Enjoy her everyday..they grow way to fast.

Love and Hugs..

BP said...

What a sweet post! I'm glad you're enjoying her so much :)

Martha said...

It's interesting that you would post about Izzy today. I have been thinking recently how wonderful it is that you have Izzy. Isn't it amazing how God planned for her to come into your life at a time that didn't really seem to be the "right" time; but oh it was just the perfect time. I know that one child can never replace another, but I am so thankful that Izzy is a blessed addition to your sweet family and that she has the best "Angel Big Sister" looking out for her.
Thank you for your precious words. Izzy really is a gift from God and I'm so glad that you and Tre' are enjoying every minute of all the funny, crazy, sweet things she does. She is so adorable (like her big sister). I just can't tell you how much I admire you as a Mom. Have a great evening (hoping our girl sleeps).

Dorothy Gould said...

I have to second what Martha said. Jenny, I SO admire you as a mother. And God certainly did things in His time, didn't He? His wonders never cease to amaze me.

Thank you for always inspiring me to be a better mother, and to live in the moment...crazy as they are!

sara said...

I am glad that you are enjoying izzy. She is a gift from God.

Alayna Brooks said...

I can totally relate to much of what you wrote - our little girl was and still is the busiest of all our kids - and it is hilarious! And the twist and flip and crawl away - I also experience every diaper change with Joey! I've tried some very animated singing of Old McDonald and sometimes that holds his interest long enough for me to at least get him wiped! Thanks for both the updates about your girls - I loved them both!
Alayna Brooks

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Sweet, Sweet Izzy..... Jenny, you inspire me so.....


Anonymous said...


I work as a pediatric transcriptionist and was given a caring bridge page to follow by a co-worker. It has just spiraled from there where I eventually found Kendrie's page and then Catie's. My daughter was born on January 12, my original due date was January 19, and her name is Katelyn (after a great grandma Catherine or Kate, a grandma Kathy, and I along with my mom's middle names of Lynn). I can so relate to your list about Izzy, especially with the diaper changes. I can't begin to imagine what you went through or are still going through, but want you to know there are many out here thinking about you and your family.

Shannon in Iowa