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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Izster

Ok, some of my pics are doing funny things in this post. I've adjusted the size, but they're not changing for me. I'll fix them later.

It's funny how you can hit a week with a baby and all of a sudden they can do all of these new things that they couldn't do 10 days earlier. I'm telling you, I don't know where this child's energy comes from, but if I could bottle it, I wouldn't sell it, I'd keep it for myself! I'd be running circles around everybody (and shedding some pounds no doubt).

Izzy has FINALLY cut a tooth. I thought she had one come through several months ago, but it ended up being something called a pearl (I think that's right). Whatever the right name is, it definitely wasn't a tooth, because it was gone a few days later. She cut her first tooth on Tuesday this week. Three more are not far behind. She's handling it pretty well. Funny thing is, any fussiness or sleep problems have been blamed on teething for the last 4 months. Now that she's actually cutting teeth, she's really doing well. Still not a great sleeper, but we figure one day she'll get it down. She's started getting up on all fours and rocking. I see serious trouble in my future!! I've got to get cracking on making sure everything is babyproofed. We've never had one this young be mobile, so this will be a new experience (but a normal one, thank goodness!!). She's also started clapping and looks so proud when she does it. Last night she ate her first "full" meal at Cracker Barrel with no baby food. She especially liked the dumplings her daddy was eating and, like with her sister, biscuits are a hit!

This weekend, Mary Grace and her family came to hang out at the beach with us. We didn't get a lot of beach time in (think sand storm!!), but it was great to visit and catch up. Izzy LOVED all the attention and loved being with Grant and Mary Grace.
Here's proof.
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Playing Peek A Boo?

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Or attacking with her killer fingernails?

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The three stooges

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Izzy was really tired and we were trying to finish some stuff up around the house. Mary Grace sat down and started reading Brown Bear to her and Iz was quite content.

Yesterday was the 19th (funny how that happens every month, huh?). It's hard to believe it's been 8 months (and hard to believe it's ONLY been 8 months). There's a Catie update brewing, but it'll come later.

We do ask that you remember our sweet friend Summer's family. Summer joined Catie yesterday and while we know she is healthy and cancer free, we know how much her family is hurting. This disease is so unfair, no matter who it strikes, but especially when it steals a child away. Please let Summer's family know that you're praying for them. We had the privilege of being housmates with them at Lighthouse last summer. Summer was so sweet to Catie. One of the things I really remember is Summer letting Catie borrow her Gameboy. Catie thought she was HOT STUFF and a big kid.

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This is a picture of Mary Grace, Catie, Summer (in the back), and Hannah (Summer's best friend who will miss her so). D.D., Mary Grace's mom, had just finished fixing all the girls' hair (it's a big deal when you've been bald as all 4 of them had) and they were looking gorgeous for the talent show. All four girls were healthy and doing well at Lighthouse at the end of July last year. Now two are gone. We've got to support research to find a cure.

Thanks for checking in. I'm off to get a couple of things done while Iz is finishing her nap!


Tammy said...

Jen, those pictures of MG and Izy are just bitter sweet. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Texas!

Stephanie Deal said...

Hi Mrs. Jenny, The pictures are adorable. I remember the first time you post the picture of Catie and her friends at the Lighthouse retreat. Wow doesn't seem like taht long ago. Prayers are continuely being lifted for you and for Summers family. Your Sister in Christ,
Stephanie Deal