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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another first down.

Well we made it through her birthday... I did better than I thought I would. Ended up eating Longhorn's for lunch instead of going out for breakfast (though a dear friend brought a "chicknen biscuit w/ chicknen on it" by to the house -- very appropriate). Longhorn was another favorite of Catie's. I had chicken fingers in honor of Catie (she really was a chicken girl) and Tre', Izzy, and I all 3 enjoyed some bread with our butter.

Yesterday the sky was beautiful all day. It would go from bright blue with a few puffy clouds to cloudy w/ some rain back to bright blue and with just a few clouds. I walked outside around 4:00 yesterday and would you believe that there was a HUGE double rainbow. I'm thinking Catie and Hayley had been busy painting the sky... Thanks for the reminder girls... God keeps his promises and our families will one day be complete again.

Thank you so very much for all the e-mails and calls, cards and posts. It meant so much to know that you all remembered Catie and thought of us. I've got some fun pics of a couple of friends going by the Atlanta RMcD House with a delivery. I'll share those soon. For now, I wanted to share an e-mail that a friend sent yesterday. It comforted me so... I've taken the names out to protect the innocent. Thanks again for caring for our family... We love you. Tre', Jenny, and Izzy

Ring……Ring….. Ring……


“Oh, hey God! It’s me again. I was calling to wish Catie Wilkins a Happy Birthday”

“She’s out with her friends counting all of the hermit crabs in my oceans right now….. may I take a message for her?”

“Will you let her know that I miss her? It’s been a lonely year down here without her.”

“I know”

“Tell, Catie that Izzy cut her first tooth last week! She is so much fun! I love to hear her laugh”

“I know”

“Tell her that her Mom and Dad miss her terribly but….they really are doing well!”

“I know”

“Tell her they are planning a huge party to celebrate her life here on earth. And people will bring gifts to the RMH in her honor on Friday. She would love that!”

“That’s awesome but…. I know”

“Well…. I know that you ‘know’, GOD but……. How IS Catie?”

“How many trees are on the mountains?”

“Ummmmm, I don’t know.”

“And how do I make the sun rise each morning?”

“Ummmm, couldn’t tell you that one either!”

“Exactly! Let me tell you exactly what YOU need to ‘know’ ……Catie is PERFECT! On this day when you will celebrate her EARTHLY birth……. She will continue to celebrate here in Heaven – absolutely perfect! I sent her to earth to complete a mission and she completed it – perfectly! Now…. She is enjoying the rewards that I promised so long ago.”

“ummmmm….. I know. Sometimes, when I’m sad, it’s just hard to remember that”

“I know. That’s why I give you the trees on the mountainside…… and I give you a beautiful sunrise every morning – just to remind you. And have you NOTICED how many butterflies I’ve sent your way lately???” (ADDED BY JENNY -- "DID YOU SEE THAT DOUBLE RAINBOW I SENT RIGHT TO HER MOMMA TODAY?")

“Thank you for loving me so much. Please be close to Jenny and Tre’ today as they remember, too. I love them and I’d take the pain away if I could! But, I guess that isn’t my job – that one belongs to you, too. Just let them feel a special touch from you today”

“No problem….. I’ve had several of those requests today!”

“God, thank you for listening”

“Thank YOU for calling! Now…. Have a good day! I have things covered up here!”

“God, that is one thing that I DO know!”


sara said...

That was a good message.


sara said...

I miss catie. She was precious.

Stephanie Deal said...

An awesome e-mail...i didn't see the double rainbow but i did see a rainbow yesterday around was beautiful...and i also saw one on sunday in the same place. praying fory ou all,
Stephanie Deal

Stephanie Deal said...
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